A few words from Tony

Your Very Special Event!

This is a most significant and special time of your life and it is important it be recognised exactly the way you want it to be. Your ceremony is your own unique event. I can offer heaps of ideas and help you put it together to create the effect you desire. You may want a strictly traditional ceremony with traditional vows in a chapel or elsewhere. You may like something fairly contemporary. You may wish to recognise cultural or religious traditions and you can certainly do that. You may like a medieval or Celtic wedding or another theme that fits your personality and beliefs.

What I Wear!
My role is to give you what you want and to conduct your ceremony so you, your guests and family enjoy it and remember it as a very special highlight. In accordance with your wishes I offer to wear a a suit, dinner suit or celebrant robe to suit your occasion.

Sound and Music System!
For your outdoor wedding my public address system is fully portable and works off batteries or power and provides a facility to play CDs or audiocassette tapes. Not hearing the ceremony is one of the chief complaints about civil wedding ceremonies. You won’t have this problem.

Different Ceremonies!
In your wedding you may wish to include a Celtic Hand fasting Ceremony, or a candle ceremony or Rose Ceremony or another special element of your own devising. Greek Wedding Crowns, Jewish ‘breaking of the glass’, Medieval sharing of drink and food or other spiritual, religious or personal segments can be part of your wedding.

Resources for You!
You will receive resource books with examples of various wedding ceremonies, readings, vows, ring givings, presentation or giving away of the bride and other ceremony ideas. Give me a call and we can have a chat about it. I am also very happy to call and see you and bring samples of ceremonies, vows, readings, certificates, individual wedding booklets and show you the wonderful range of choices you have. Your individually designed wedding booklet contains your ceremony illustrated with graphics with a cover chosen from a range of floral designs or your individual design with your photo on the front or a photo of your chapel, etc.

Weddings in Another Language!
No problem. Although my understanding of Japanese, French and German is fairly basic, you can provide your own interpreter so that your ceremony is conducted wholly or partly in the language of your choice.